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Mylari Movie Review

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Mylari Movie Review


It is all about the pack of tragedy in the life of ‘Mylari’ (Shivarajakumar). He is an anger filled youth in his village Mylapura. His brother Gopala (Yashas) is a good student and obviously the anger of his father makes Mylari dejected and takes him to various places. When Mylari express his love for Anitha (Sada) it becomes a piquant situation for him. Mylari is in love with Anitha from the childhood. He is secretly in love with Anitha in the last twenty years. Finally when he reveals his love to the respected and rich family daughter Anitha it is a shock for him when Anitha does not reciprocate.
When Mylari comes home his father kicks him out. Mylari challenges his father that he would become a great person one day and reach Bangalore.
When Mylari comes to big bad Bangalore he gets the support of Guru a sub editor in a tabloid ‘Khadga’. Mylari who has flair for writing and known as poet in his college days gets a job. The investigation what Mylari makes as a journalist is a big blow to the opposition leader Janardhana Kote (Suchendra Prasad).
As expected the friend of Mylari – sub editor Guru and his family is murdered. Mylari takes it very strongly and evaporate the entire opposition leader and his gang. In the day light Mylari holding the sharp weapon kills the opposition leader and is sentenced to imprisonment.
Mylari is given the capital punishment and he is all set to go to gallows in two days. He is narrating all his life to the Jailor (played by Ravi Kale). That is narrated in the flash back style by the director.
The jailor gives a twist to the tale at this point. What is that twist, whether Mylari faces the gallows….that is something different.

Director R Chandru could have done better avoiding many of the inconsequential scenes. He has no knowledge about the differences between the ruling party leader and opposition party leader. In this film opposition party leader takes up the Janatha Darshan looks very poor knowledge of the director. The opposition leader gives order to the police department too. What is seen by the common audience is that the ruling party leader who has the power does all such work.
There are many routine scenes that test the patience. That is the college day’s scenes of protagonist Mylari. The film with four songs in the first half and three songs in the second half (one bit) are not placed very well.
Mylari joins the tabloid newspaper ‘Khadga’ the senior assistant in the office Swathi (Sajana) just because of a little argument title song opens up on screen. This song draws good applaud because it is sung by power star Puneeth Rajakumar the younger of Shivarajakumar.
In none of the Shivarajakumar film he raises hand on his father character. That is shown in Mylari cinema. The protagonist is made the underdog in some of the places is not in the good taste of the fans of Shivarajakumar.
In the prison the protagonist Mylari is wanted for the jailor because he is an interesting character. That is OK but why a hero with so much of image should fall to the feel and hold the legs of the jailor and cry. Again this is not in the interest of the audience. A very powerful emotional request at this place would have been enough.
Mylari on a rampage with a long sharp weapon killing the opposition leader men like mosquitoes is unimaginable. Instead of day light killing the protagonist being a journalist intelligent measures should have been applied.


The film is outstanding because of an actor like Shivarajakumar. In dance, action, emotional scenes Shivarajakumar carries the whole film. Shivarajakumar dancing skill at the age of 47 deserves full appreciation. He is already an emotional ‘Raja’.
Sada has a poised role that is not very attractive. She is like a dancing doll in two songs. Not much of powerful dialogues and acting skill of Sada has not been tapped.
Suchendra Prasad as opposition leader is a big bore. Ravi Kaale is also silenced. He is shown as admirer of a criminal is unusual.
Suresh Mangalore as father has not controlled his voice modulation. Yashas who comes in flash is attractive for his looks.
Sanjjaana has one song and a few scenes that are not supportive to the film. Guruprasad the eminent director as journalist is OK.


Cameraman Chandrasekhar has worked hard. There is no doubt about it. But the lighting especially at the water fight changes frequently. The top angle songs the panning of camera covering the wide areas the cameraman showed he is cool in his work.
Gurukiran the ace music director has not fallen behind. Mylapura Mylari….is the top song of the film sung by Power star Puneeth Rajakumar, Dr SPB gong Ghallu Gallenutha….is very well captured on screen, the sorrow song by Khailash Kher is good. The song sung by Gurukiran Langa Dhavani….lyrics alteration was required.
The editing has no complaints and it has good flash back technique and has a hold to capture the attention.
LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST – Director R Chandru upgrade yourself. When you are given a gold mine like Shivarajakumar he should be utilized best!


RS Productions
Cast: Shivarajakumar, Sada, Ravi Kaale, Rangayana Raghu, Sanjana, Suresh Mangalore, Yashas, Guruprasad, John Kokkin, Rekha and others.
Music: Gurukiran
Cinematography: KS Chandrasekhar
Producer: RS Srinivas, KP Shrikanth
Screenplay, Direction: R Chandru
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