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Ragada Telugu Movie Review

Updated on : Dec 24, 2010




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Ragada Telugu Movie Review

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Ragada Review – Ragada Movie review: Nagarjuna’s latest movie Ragda is released today amidst high expectations. Catchy title, massy songs, beautiful girls and of course King Nagarjuna played big role in creating pre release hype for Ragada.

Did Ragada movie (review) stand up to the hype? Is it a wholesome entertainer for the holiday crowd?

Let’s get into the details of Ragada movie in this Ragada review…


Satya (Nagarjuna) is a macho hero who can bash up any number of goons without even having a scratch on his body. He comes to Hyderabad from Kadapa and saves GK (Dev Gill) from an attack. Satya joins the gang of GK, who is loyal to a big don Peddanna (Pradeep Rawat). Satya starts killing GK opponents who are also close to Peddanna. What is Satya’s motive behind these murders? Why does he do anything for money? These questions are better answered on screen.


Veeru Potla, who said that he is a great fan of Nagarjuna sketched a character which would be cherished by Nagarjuna fans. The story of Ragada offers nothing new. Even the treatment of the film is done as per the age old commercial formula. First half of the film is packed with good humor, energetic songs and high voltage fights. Although there is nothing unseen or novel in the first half we won’t complain much as we get our dose of entertainment. However, the problem arises in the second half when the actual story starts.

Director shows only half of the hero’s flashback and throws in some (un)expected twists These series of twists involving both the heroines reminds you of Bollywood hit film Race. Then he reveals the rest of the flashback giving a lead to the climax very ordinary and too routine.

After knowing the whole story Ragada looks hollow and pointless. Director only tried to woo the fans and attract the masses with masala elements. If you go for a film for watching fights, songs, comedy and beautiful heroines flaunting their assets, then Ragada will surely entertain you. But if you look for something new or search for a purpose, Ragada leaves you in agony.

There are lots of continuity problems in this film. Pradeep Rawat warns that he would kill Nagarjuna in few hours during the interval scene. But he completely forgets about the deadline and takes his own time to reach him. There are many such instances where the director took liberty to write dialogs which neither he nor his characters takes them serious.

It is like every other commercial potboiler which can make quick bucks at the ticket windows. Even if we prepare ourselves for an entertaining fare, Ragada still disappoints you especially in the second hour.


Nagarjuna looked handsome and younger than his previous flick. His style and charisma are an added bonus to this film. Nag tried for Rayalaseema accent which didn’t have any impact. Anushka is gorgeous. She has outdone the rest with her unmatchable screen presence. Priyamani exposed her body more than Anushka to make her presence felt. On performance side, she had the upper hand. Charmi sizzled in a song.

Pradeep Rawat doesn’t have anything to do except howling and yelling all the time. Dev Gill who excelled in Magadheera is given a spineless character in this film. Kota Srinivasa Rao is standard.

Brahmanandam played a lengthy role and helped the proceedings. In fact Brahmanandam is the only relief in this over dose action masala. Master Bharat is fine. There is nothing to mention about rest of the star cast.


Veeru Potla’s funny one-liners worked in few scenes. On a whole he does an average job as dialogue writer. Thaman’s songs are in sync with the mood of the film. But nothing stays on your mind or haunts you. Background score is good though. Sarvesh Murari did a fantastic job behind the camera. His cinematography is the biggest plus for this stylishly shot film. Marthand K. Venkatesh editing is slick but there are few jumps here and there. Production values are good.

Veeru Potla yet again wrote a story which is a rehash of many hit films. He simply followed the commercial path to bag a hit. He has the potential but is deliberately restricting himself to be branded as a ‘safe’ director. On commercial front, he is an average director and still has to do lot of work to be considered on par with Rajamouli or VV Vinayak.

Plus Points:

- Entertainment
- Nagarjuna’s style
- Anushka’s glamour
- Commercial elements

Minus points:

- Age old story based on revenge formula
- Second half drags
- Ordinary climax

Final Word:

The release time would be the biggest plus for Ragada. Holiday season and no big releases at least for next two weeks should help the film to get into a safe zone. It should work commercially but content wise Ragada is just ordinary. Don’t expect too much from this film.

Ragada Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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