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Arthi - Amazing Actress

Updated on : Dec 19, 2010



Arthi - Amazing Actress

Like her films the fabulous actress of yesteryears Arathi knows how to sail against the wind in her personal life and win a comfortable life. Like her contemporaries she did not took the adverse step but stepped on like a rock against the adversaries in life. Like her film song in ‘Shubamangala’ Arathi is ‘Swabhimanadha Hennu’.
The actress par excellence in her prime time of 70’s and 80’s starred opposite top stars like Dr Rajakumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Srinath and others. She was in film in Tamil in the days Rajanikanth and Kamal Hassan were playing villain roles.
Grown up under the powerful director SR Puttanna Kanagal after Kalpana is Arathi. She was almost similar to Kalpana in her performance too. Till her last film ‘Ranganayaki’ in the 80’s Arathi was recognized for stunning performance in social films like Shubamangala, Nagarahavu, Bili Hendthi, Hombisilu, Anurupa, Dharmasere, Munithayi (Katha Sangama), Edakallu Guddadha Mele, Gandharva Giri and others.
Like her song in ‘Shubamangala’ Nalkondla Naaku….Iste Lekkada Nantu…she was very calculative in her life.
After B Jayamamma Arathi is the second heroine to be nominated as Member of Legislative Council. She was also in to Television in her prime time of career.
Concerning the top heroines of Kannada cinema there is a song …Arathi, Bharathi, Kalpana, Manjula, Chandrakala….Ivare Kannadadha Pancha Thareyaru…. Arathi after the generation next of Leelavathi, Jayanthi and Bharathi lived perfect to the given roles in nearly 75 plus films.
The second wife of doyen of Kannada cinema SR Puttanna Kanagal, her connection with former minister M Raghupathy did not deter her from leading a comfortable life. After the death of Puttanna Kanagal in 1986 the actress left the cinema field in 1987. She settled down in USA and married Shandrasekhar Desaigoudar.
In 2005 Arathi came back with a bang. She opened new phase of her career as director. ‘Mitayi Mane’ the Candy House she directed for her daughter Yashaswini story. Her husband Desaigouder was the producer that earned laurels at the state level.


By accident I came to cinema. It was a small role in ‘Gejje Pooje’ of SR Puttanna Kanagal.
I was the younger sister of the hero, Govardhan. With my middle class background, my family was totally against my acting in movies.
People still remember me for roles. Ranganayaki, Yedakallu Guddadamele, Bili Hendthi, Premada Kanike, Shubha Mangala, Hombisilu, Nagarahavu etc. 125 films I acted were women-oriented.
I have been reading books on Gandhi for the last 17 years, even though I have studied only up to SSLC.
Drought, poverty, hunger are given prominence and not education in society
Keep self respect is always I vouch for.
Child labor is wrong. There are 62 million children affected in child labor – that is one of the reasons to take up a film direction on such topic in ‘Mitayi Mane’.
Most of the media are entertainment based. It is not doing the right job.
From my time as heroine the things have not changed. Back from USA I feel India is backward in some ways.
We cannot make films like ‘Shubamangala’. Today the hero is fully dressed and heroines are seen in very small costumes.
We used to go to Kemmungundi now they go to Bangkok and Singapore. Artists and locations have changed according to me. Basis plot of film making is same but wide change in the technology.
I have directed ‘Mitayi Mane’ in my money. In future I don’t want to direct in my money.
The credit for ‘Mitayi Mane’ should go to my daughter Yashaswini. When she saw children not going to school but working she got furious.
The situations are German folklore but they are apt to Indian system. It is ‘Candy House’ but experiences are bitter. We wrote story on the basis of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
I always suggest give up artificial on silver screen. Mere entertainment should not be motto.
When the movie was completed no exhibitor or distributor came forward for release of ‘Mitayi Mane’.
I have not said good bye to acting. There were no good roles. Many offers that came after 1987 were not convincing to me.
My second daughter is studying SSLC I was concentrating on her studies.
I don’t believe in rebirth. I would like to be a singer if there is one more birth. You can win the hearts of innumerable people from singing.
Gejje Pooje, Nagarahavu, Mane Belagidha Sose, Mooruvare Vajragalu, Nanu Balabeku, Upasane, Bhale Bhatta, Daari Thappida Maga, Bili Hendthi, Devara Kannu, Hosilu Mettidha Hennu, Punardattha, Raja Nanna Raja, Phalitamsha, Aparadhi, Kuduremukha, Devadaasi, Hombisilu, Geejagana Goodu, Anuraga Bandhana, Premayana, Nanna Prayaschitta, Balu Apuroopa Nam Jodi, Dharmasere, Naniruvudhe Ninagaagi, Bhaktha Siriyaala, Hantakana Sanchu, Anurakthe, Naari Swargakke Daari, Ganesha Mahime, Bhagyadha Belaku, Yediyuru Siddalingeshwara, Preethisi Nodu, Archana, Parajitha, Kannu Terisidha Hennu, Nyaya Ellidhe, Raja Maharaaja, Thirugu Baana, Gedda Maga, Kallu Veene Nudiyuthu, Thaayiya Nudi, Sidideddha Sahodhara, Muthidhe Bhagya, Gandharva Giri, Chalisadha Sagara, Kaliyuga, Pooja Phala, Kaidhi, Ramapuradha Ravana, Pavitra Premi, Agnathavasa, Avala Antharanga, Bili Gulabi, Sathi Sakkubai, Lakshmi Kataksha, Thulasidhala, Bettada Thaayi, Ranganayaki and others.

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