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Orange Movie Review

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Orange Movie Review

Rating: 3/5
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Banner: Anjana Productions
Starring: Ram Charan, Genelia, Shazahn Padamsee, Brahmanandam, Prabhu, Prakash Raj, Nagababu, Manjula, Madhurima, Pooja and others.
Music: Harris Jairaj
Cinematography: D. Rajasekhar, Kiran Reddy
Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Producer: Nagababu
Director: Bhaskar

Orange is undoubtedly and arguably the most awaited Telugu movie of the season. It is no wonder that Orange Movie Review is the most searched keyword today and it shows the craze and expectations on the film. Orange movie starring Ram Charan and Genelia has rocking music, rib tickling comedy, eye pleasing visuals, heart touching dialog and many more. Read on Orange Movie Review to know more about it Orange Review…


Jaanu (Genelia) is a confused hyperactive girl who is desperately waiting to fall in love. She is in search of an everlasting love and Ram (Charan) falls for her in the very first look. After convincing Jaanu to fall in his love, he says that he can’t love her forever. He tells her that he can only love for sometime as he believes that true love doesn’t exist forever. Jaanu tries to avoid him, he tries to adore her. So where does this love story head? What is the reason for Ram to lose belief in the concept of ‘love forever’ sums up Orange movie.


Orange starts off on a confusing note. Director thought of narrating this love story with a bang and keeps the audience glued right from the start. But somehow it lacked clarity at the start. The characters behave in an awkward way and it takes time for the audience to get used to them and understand their ideology. The narration settles down after the first song and the pace picks up. Hero’s typical characterization is the conflict in this love story. And that very characterization is the driving factor of this story and infuses comedy into the proceedings. First half runs smoothly and aptly supported by good music.

As the story is simple and straightforward, the director didn’t go for unnecessary bangs for the sake of intermission. Second half too starts off good with some well written scenes. The scene where the hero plays truth and dare game and the scene in which he practically explains the difference between everlasting love and true love is excellent. Even the flashback of the hero starts off well. Actually, the first 45 minutes after interval is the best part of the film. Orange Love Idi and Rooba Rooba are well picturized songs among all the six and these songs too fall during this period of time. However, the graph rapidly falls right after Rooba Rooba song as the director starts to explain his ideology about everlasting love. The film heads towards climax in an unconvincing manner. Director lacked clarity during the last half hour that many of the audience in the auditorium will be left confused of what is going on the screen.

Hero changing his mindset all of a sudden is not brought on to the screen in a convincing way. This part needs more depth and good dialog to leave a mark on the audience, sadly that didn’t happen! To sum it up this Orange is sweet up to seventy percent and turned utterly sour towards the end.


Ram Charan has gone for a complete image changeover in this film. His previous two films are action based and targeted mainly at the mass audience. In Orange Ram Charan tried to woo the urban crowds and youngsters. He is simply rocking in this movie. His costumes, hairstyle and gadgets are sure going to become a rage among the college goers in coming days. Mega fans might be little bit disappointed with Charan’s dances as there are no landmark steps in this film. Most of the dance movements are stylish and cool and in sync with the music. Ram Charan is surely lagging behind Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan in the comedy department. His comedy timing needs to be improved a lot. Saying so, he has given a matured performance in Orange. His performance towards the climax shows his caliber as an actor.

Genelia is as lively as ever. She is supreme cool in those ultra modern costumes and chic look. Her character has shades of Bommarillu Hasini, but not that much entertaining.

Shazahn Padamsee has good looks and has delivered a neat performance. She has the potential to become a busy heroine if given right opportunities.

Brahmanandam’s comedy as Puppy is good in few scenes. Avasarala Srinivas excelled in a tiny role called Pushkar. Nagababu is standard. Prakash Raj is perfect. Prabhu is neat. Vennela Kishore and the other person who played Charan’s friend are good. Manjula and others did their part.


Harris Jairaj’s music is one of the major attractions of Orange before release and it would be the USP of this film from now. Every song is excellent and keeps the audience glued to their seats. Thanks to the splendid picturization and stunning visuals which matched the great compositions of Harris. If Orange lives up to the expectations and does well at the box office Harris would certainly get the lion share in that success credit. To be more precise, Harris would get the major credit in whatever positive score that Orange gets. Background score too is superbly done. Take a bow Harris, you the man!

Cinematographers Rajasekhar and Kiran’s work is splendid. There is never a film in Telugu that has explored the richness and grandeur of the foreign locations than Orange. Every frame of the film is superb. However, one feels that this film doesn’t need Australia backdrop. It can be told with any city backdrop as the emotions and feel is mostly Indian in this film. Dialog credited to Surendra Krishna and Thota Prasad is good in most of the scenes. Editing should’ve been crisper in the last hour. Production values are rich and extremely high standard for a Telugu film.

Bhaskar has proved his mettle again as a director in many scenes. His thought process and ideas are definitely different from others. He tries to make a film out of human feelings and emotions. However, he should not try to ‘teach’ with every film. Audience should feel the pinch themselves by watching someone’s story on the screen. They shouldn’t be pinched by the director or repeatedly preached about the goodness in life. His story and concept are nice and praiseworthy. There is many a scene that is clap-worthy too. What is lacking is the clarity towards the finale. He lost focus at some point and tried to end the film on a confusing note. That has been the major drawback of Orange movie.

Orange Review Plus Points:

- Music
- Dialog
- Chemistry between lead pair

Orange Review Minus points:

- Too classy in appeal
- Confused last half hour.

Orange Review Final Word:

Despite the confused finale, Orange is entertaining and has its own merits to impress the audience. Orange will appeal to urbane crowds and youngsters. Mass audience and the people who look for mindless entertainment will be terribly disappointed with Orange movie. Thecommercial success of the film leaves many questions considering the high costs involved. Go for it if you love to see a love story with different approach.


Bhaskar repeatedly told that this movie will haunt the audience for a week after leaving the theatres. It’s true but not in the way that he meant. Orange haunts you for wrong reasons. It will haunt you because of the confusion that played the major role during climax scenes.

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