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Hamsalekha - Doctor of Film Music and Lyrics

Updated on : Nov 14, 2010



Hamsalekha - Doctor of Film Music and Lyrics

Hamsalekha alias Govindaraju holds the credit for bringing music and lyrics straight in to the hearts – that was considered as real people music. In the people language – most of them are spoken word and melody in tact is the hall mark of this music director. Late in the 80’s from ‘Prema Loka’ Hamsalekha blossomed with a huge hit. He has a peculiar yen for instrumentation and his words are those used in the ordinary conversation. It all looked refreshing and it was as if the music lovers wanted this kind of music.

Distinguished in writing lyrics and scoring music this national award winning in the combination of trailblazer of Kannada cinema has given 25 hits. A remarkable bondage both had later broken up too.

From a composer in the local press to the position of composer of music Hamsalekha is no doubt the torch bearer for many of the music directors in Kannada and lyricists. He has a strong grounding in the classical music.

Recently Hamsalekha completed 300 films in a span of 23 years in film music is a phenomenal strength.

Starting career from writing a song Neena Bhavavantha..... Hamsalekha from ‘Prema Loka’ trend setter with V Ravichandran is no doubt a house hold name.
The beauty and high point of Hamsalekha is that he has penned the songs and scored the music. The national award winning music director for ‘Gana Yogi Panchakshari Gavai’ Hamsalekha music also gave national award for Dr SPB for the Hindustani and Classical song Umandu Gamandu.....
Hamsalekha is like pepperment to the hardcore music lovers from the days of Prema Loka. He has penned over 2500 songs so far in 27 years of his film career.
He was drawn to music by his brother Balakrishna. He learnt western music from Joseph, Karnatak music from Shivaram and now he is with Janapada post graduation degree running Desi School and College in music.


•    He was born in the days of sever small pox disease in his home town. From that age in life he has seen woes, dejection, disturbances and rose against all odds in life.
•    When Hamsalekha was born his mother Rajamma literally fixed the noses and adjusted the ears and cheeks, wrapped the child in the oil soaked plantain leaves for nine months.
•    Happened to be the 13th child of the family. Is it because of this unlucky number I had to face so much of trauma in life? he questioned to himself once.
•    Hamsalekha a very frank in his interactions once told to the media at Press Club of Bangalore that what I say today would be useful after my passing away.
•    Hamsalekha’s father Govindaraju was the lone survivor when without knowledge the Kannambadi village received the full flow of water. All the 27 houses washed out in water and only the five years father of Hamsalekha survived.
•    Grown in poverty working in printing press my father had a Guru who was a Pailwan. That pailwan was able to eat 300 to 400 idlis and was a Nata Bhayankara. The social happenings he used tell in the Lavani form of music.
•    There was a ‘Bai Bangalore’ in those days. At the printing press, cutting card boards, composing Kannada, Telugu and English in 8 points I was familiar. In Chicklal Bagh and Thulasi Thota there was assembly to recite the Lavanis keeping in mind the social developments!
•    It is Geetha printing press that saved our lives; I was composing the dictionary Rathnakosha. Up to SSLC it was all sorts of activity.
•    At the 7th year of I was in to Karnatic music, western and folk. It gathered more momentum because of Krishna Shah and Nelakantappa – violin was taught in the class room before the lessons.
•    I was naughty did some stealing to drink alcohol that also became a habit.
•    My first Guru is Billavaraya. He still lives in Cochin. The swaras and ragas were interchanged and taught. Harmonium Shivaram is my music Guru.
•    It was Belakinadege play I wrote based on Bengal novel that won 7 awards. I had written in a blue swan pen and gave the name for the play as ‘Hamsalekhani’. My guru Nelakantappa appreciating the ability of mine told me to take out Ni and made it as ‘Hamsalekha’. I was fascinated towards the pen names like Geethapriya and Kuvempu. I lost interest in studies but in installments I completed studies.
•    The effort to give new style in dialogues for Jokumaraswamy play of Dr.Chandrasekhara Kambara created lot of ripples. The firs show was watched by KSL Swamee. 14 songs were very good. It went all around Karnataka. But ‘Raitha Jeevi’ earned laurels but in Nanjangud the place it was staged was burnt to ashes. But one fellow behind me told that it will be a turning point in my life when it was the burning point of my life. My mother in law rushed the fire spot to bring the harmonium. That is still today in the house partially burnt.
•    I was a stiff competitor to NS Rao stage plays. He had it seems taken Rs.5000 from N Veeraswamy. He wanted to pull me to cinema but somehow the opportunity came from BN Gangadhar in the initial days.
•    But one fine day Upendrakumar, Ku Ra Si and others were looking for a variety of song for director MN Prasad ‘Triveni’ Kannada film. I got a place to sit among them. Then came the song Neena Bhagavantha….all liked the scolding of the god and my elder brother Balakrishna sung it too. It became popular but the film failed.
•    From the beginning I did not believe in god. It is the Sadhane Chala and wish would take us to heights. The change was inevitable in my life. The learning and stand taken made a different man. I am really good musician, dreamer of subjects, script writer etc.
•    My father in the house was putting the photo of Adolf Hitler and Subhash Chandra Bose shaking hands. He was telling me see my God Adolf Hitler.
•    The orchestra for ‘Prema Loka’ done in Madras the elders started touching my feet.
•    For our cinema people if you tell the story they do not understand. They want screenplay.
•    From Hamalekha Images Private Limited my idea is to create 25 technicians. Ethical value should be protected.
•    The universal poet Thiruvallavar and straight forward poet Sarvagna and Basavanna are excellent. The cultural struggle and revolution should take place.
•    There is no rule that oldies are not required. They are the one who put the routes for the youths to follow. See what happened I brought the entire music work to Bangalore and my shishya V Harikrishna now goes to Chennai for recording.


•    Neena Bhagavantha Jagadupakarasi……..
•    Prema Loka Dinda Bandha……
•    Nimbe Hanninantha Hudugi Bandlu Nodu…..
•    Ye Gangu Bike Kalasikodu Nangu…….
•    Banni Nanna Geleyare….
•    O Kogile Naa Hadale….
•    Baro Baro Nanna Gelaya
•    Yee Bhoomi Bannada Buguri….
•    Meese Hottha Gandasige….
•    Dum Dum Dolu….
•    Kudiyodhu Nanna Weaknessu….
•    A Bettadalli Beladingalli…(lyrics Dr Siddalingaiah)
•    Ondhu Hudugi Nodhe…
•    Kelisadhe Kallu Kallinalli….
•    Yee Kannada Mannanu Maribyada
•    Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku
•    Cauveramma Kapadamma…..
•    Kodaginolu Bedaginolu…..
•    Kurakk Karanji Kere……
•    Yavudho E Bombe Yavudho….
•    Kallarai Hoovagi…..
•    Ramachari Hadidha Laali hadu…
•    Thannaneya Galiyidhe…..
•    Yarivalu Yarivalu…..
•    Burude Burude……
•    Yen Hudgiro Yakingadtharo…..
•    Halli Meshtre……
•    Nam Kade Sambar Andre…..
•    Lokave Helidha Mathidu….
•    Neenu Hattiraviddhare….
•    Geethanjali….
•    Belli Rathadalli…
•    Preethiyalli Iro Sukha Gothe Irlilla…
•    Gange Bare Thunge Baare….
•    Hoovina Loka Nammadhu….
•    Keli Premigale…..

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